Effective date: 29th March 2013

    Forty Five Web Sound Limited (t/a FanFootage) ("FanFootage") is a private limited company registered in Ireland (registration number 436059).

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    In contributing your live music or event video content ("the Material") to FanFootage.com you hereby agree that FanFootage shall be the first owner of the entire copyright and all other rights in and to the Material and FanFootage (and its licensees and assigns) shall have the absolute right to exploit the Material throughout the world in any and all media which shall include without limitation the right to adapt, copy, transmit, host, broadcast, display, stream, edit, reformat, excerpt, analyse, manipulate, make available or otherwise distribute, publicly perform, and / or digitally perform the Material and you hereby grant to FanFootage all consents necessary to enable FanFootage to so exploit the Material (including in conjunction with visual images and films and other audio material) without any payment to you (or any third party) of any nature and you waive any so called moral rights or similar rights you may have or acquire in connection herewith. To the extent that you acquire any copyright in or to the Material you hereby assign the same to FanFootage by way of present assignment of present and/or future copyright for the full duration thereof (including all extensions and renewals). FanFootage will therefore own the Material and have the sole right (together with its licensees and assigns) to exploit it.

    You also agree to grant FanFootage permission at its absolute discretion to attribute the source of your video content by crediting your FanFootage user name or social media account handle on any content derived from your contributed content.

    Please only upload video footage from the listed live music concerts or events ("the Listed Concerts") to FanFootage.com. If other video footage is uploaded from a user account, we may suspend or cancel that account. If we become aware of any offensive or pornographic video content uploaded to our service, in addition to removing it we may report the content and uploader to the relevant legal authorities.

    In uploading Material to FanFootage.com you warrant that the Material is an original work by you and you have all necessary rights, licenses, consents and permissions to use, and to authorise FanFootage to use, any and all copyrights, performance rights or other intellectual property rights in and to the Material as contemplated herein subject only to authorisation from the musician(s) and/or speakers performing on stage at the Listed Concert to which the Material relates.