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    FanFootage is a Dublin-based event video crowd-sourcing start-up. It is the world's largest video crew. They take fan-shot videos of a live performance and automatically sync them all up with professionally-recorded live audio. Fans can then watch back the event from all the different angles, share the videos with their friends, and they can produce broadcast-quality edited videos from all the uploaded footage.

    In addition, creators can use the platform to view every angle from an event, upload and share with friends, and all for FREE. For more information, go to :


    For support inquiries please email : [email protected].

    For press related inquiries send us an email : [email protected].

    For all media inquiries please contact Cathal Furey on +353 868100148.

    Feel free to use these materials in your publications. Should you require different versions or further materials, please contact [email protected].

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